Meet The Team










Santos M Lopez, ( 9/11 First Responder), NAVY Veteran, VP of Marketing Orange County Choppers, Marketing and Public Relations,

The Magazine Lifestyle - Event Director HMFIC

Rick McGachey, MARINE CORPS Veteran, Chief of Staff, Together for The Good - Event Creator & Facillitator

Lisa de Jong, Proud daughter of a ARMY Veteran, Owner/ CEO - PM Events Marketing & Branding - Event Producer




Renee M. Wagner, Proud Wife of a NAVY Veteran, Founder and Publisher - The Magazine Lifestyle - Media Sponsor & Contributor




Chris Turner, MARINE CORPS Veteran, Musician - Walker Dawg Entertainment - Talent Coordinator





Chuck Parker, Editor/Producer

Matthew Matossian Diamond Grade Media, Strike TV

Eric Robertson, ( 9/11 First Responder), Co Founder/ CEO - 9/11 Remembered Traveling Memorial Foundation 

John Casalinuovo, Ground Zero Volunteer ( Keeper of the Ground Zero Volunteers Flag) Co Founder/ VP of 9/11 Remembered Traveling Memorial/ Ground Zero Volunteers Flag 

Cierra Mazzola, Co Founder of 9/11 Remembered Traveling Memorial Foundation/ Ground Zero Volunteers Flag

Tawnya Scott,  Founder/ CEO - Together For The Good

Sponsors & Contributers

We want to thank all our Entertainers, Contributors and Sponsors from the bottom of our Hearts! We could not have done this without ALL OF YOU!


Click on Sponsors & Contributors for a full list of the HEROES who helped make this event a REALITY!

If you don't see your name  here, and would like to learn more about how you can get involved in the 20th Anniversary 2021 Event! Contact us!

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